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Cooking from Abundance: Staghorn Sumac

Staghorn Sumac, not to be confused with poison sumac, is a perennial shrub native to Northeastern US and Southern Canada, but can be...

Lets Plant Some Trees!

During our stewardship days we typically spend a lot of our time removing plants. Sometimes it can feel a little odd. Although logically...

The Wildways Interns of Tomorrow

After experiencing the rollercoaster ride that is invasive species management this summer, I wanted to share my experience with the...

Strangulation or just a tight squeeze?

It's been nearly a year since we last checked in on the wire mesh/ strangulation control method installed at a patch of Japanese knotweed...

Invasive Goutweed's Ultimate Weakness?

Goutweed, or bishop’s weed, is one of the most tenacious invasive species. It will cover everything on the forest floor, including...

Unlikely Japanese Knotweed Killers?

Invasive species can be a serious problem for biodiversity. Unfortunately, they seem to be EVERYWHERE. The Intervale is no exception: the...

Japanese Knotweed Paper

Burlington Parks and Rec did a great job at removing Japanese Knotweed from the bike path last summer. Trash bags full of knotweed sat at...

A bittersweet transition into fall

by libby rhodes, october 8th 2021 As our summer of barefoot Intervale walks, Ethan Allen sunbathing, and parks and rec creemees has come...

Goats Gone Wildways: Part 3

Photo courtesy of Colin Hodge Instagram: colin_hodge Hey folks, I know it's been a while. The goats are long gone (but hopefully alive…...

Sustainable Harvesting Pledge

Hi! I just wanted to upload the sustainable harvesting pledge I mention in all of my invasive recipe posts! Linked below is the pledge...

Goats Gone Wildways (part 2)

There's been a little drama since last time we talked. After a few shocks, the goats seemed acclimated to the electric fence and ready to...

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