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Winooski, Land of the wild onion

Before we begin, let us pause to offer our gratitude to this land and all the living beings that make up our community.  Let us continue to be responsible, caring and engaged stewards of this land.
Let us offer our gratitude to the Vermont Abenaki people who have always lived in Winooskik, the place of the wild onions.  For over ten thousand years, the Abenakis never left, ceded, or relinquished title to their ancestral homeland.  They continue their ancestral language, agricultural heritage, and ancient ceremonies on this soil.  In the spirit of healing and accountability, the Intervale Center honors and celebrates Abenaki survivance.                                                                                                                                                                                        
I invite you to pause with me to support, honor, and commit to protect this Winooskik, a thriving ancestral community of people, soil, plants, waters, animals, and sky.

Abenaki Land: Welcome

Nd'akina wa 
Liwlaldamana kwsiomek ta manila N'dakina

Please respect and care for our land

Abenaki Land: Quote
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