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Who We Are

We are Burlington Wildways first perennial interns seeking to find creative and holistic ways to manage non native invasive species! We are constantly searching for ways to connect several spheres of life such as community, food insecurity, and land stewardship together to combat the growing issue regarding these plants.

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2021 Interns: About

What is Burlington Wildways?

Burlington Wildways is a nonprofit collaboration between different conservation organizations that aim to protect and connect natural areas in Burlington. Together they aim to create a trail system through Burlington's wild areas and to collectively manage the land. The coalition is made up of Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront, the Winooski Valley Park District, Rock Point, the Burlington Conservation Board, City Council, and the Intervale Center.

2021 Interns: About

Marjorie Mcwilliams

Marjorie is a senior at the
University of Vermont majoring in natural resource planning and minoring in community and international development. She is interested in the intersection of food insecurity and sustainability. 

Hometown: Wilton, Connecticut 

Star Signs: Cancer sun, Leo moon, Cancer rising 

Favorite Animal: Moose or Otters 

2021 Interns: Image
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Nora Laymon

Nora is a senior in Wildlife Biology at the University of Vermont. Her interests include animal husbandry and wildlife management.

Hometown: Danbury, Connecticut 
Star Signs: Cancer sun, Libra moon, Scorpio rising
Favorite animal: Andean Condor

2021 Interns: Image

Libby Rhodes

Libby is a Junior environmental Studies Major at the University of Vermont with a minor in community development. She is interested in working and exploring herbalism and the medicinal properties of plants.

Hometown: Trumbull, Conneticut
Star Signs: Cancer sun, Leo moon, Taurus rising
Favorite animal: Red Rumped Agouti

2021 Interns: Image
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