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Lets Plant Some Trees!

During our stewardship days we typically spend a lot of our time removing plants. Sometimes it can feel a little odd. Although logically I know that I'm helping the land it goes against my instincts to spend time destroying rather than growing. Which is why it's a special treat to be able to spend time on planting projects. We started with a decent sized patch of Japanese Knotweed, which looked like this after pulling:

Then the Wildways Interns and Duncan determined that the site looked ready for some trees. We planted Cedar, White Pine, Boxelder, Tamarack, Red Osier, Chokecherry, American Elm, and Poplar saplings (If you see some trees that wouldn't usually be found in the Intervale, our planting may explain why). Our intern Tovin also used some of the site for an experiment of his own. After we had finished the plot was transformed! It was really exciting and fulfilling to be able to work on this project. Knotweed is definitely still fighting for the area, but our little saplings aren't giving up! We'll have to return in the future to see how the site is transformed...

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