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  • Maddie A-L

The Wildways Interns of Tomorrow

After experiencing the rollercoaster ride that is invasive species management this summer, I wanted to share my experience with the younger generation. And if any group of 4-year-olds would be interested in invasive species, it’s the Forrest Preschool Outdoor Camp kids. As fellow intern Braden and I approached their camp we wondered if the kids would even know what a species was, let alone an invasive. But oh, how I underestimated those 4-year-olds! They were very excited to learn and know about invasives too. We started by discussing what invasives are, why we remove them, and what other purposes they can serve. Then, we did some arts and crafts using some knotweed I had collected. The kids really wowed me with their creativity, intelligence, and curiosity. Overall a very fun day at the forest preschool!

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