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Goats Gone Wildways

On Monday we picked up three female goats from Pine Island Community Farm to bring to Mckenzie Park to graze goutweed, which is an...

Bo(a)red of Conservation? Never!

This Monday we had the privilege of presenting our internship experience to the Burlington Conservation Board! The Burlington...

Go(u)t Weeds?

Our first brain child of this summer was developing an experiment to inform best practices surrounding goutweed eradication. Goutweed is...

Plants vs. Pollution

The more time we spend at the Intervale the more I’m astounded by the number of projects and organizations that are constantly underway....

Eliminate, Germinate, Pollinate

Last Thursday, we helped Wildways prep a 90' pollinator strip along Intervale Road. Pollinators are on a worldwide decline and need our...

Digging a Little Deeper into Invasives

Every Tuesday morning, a group of volunteers meets at the Intervale Center to spend three hours tackling the ubiquitous invasives that...

Herbicide: the Problem or the Solution?

Pesticide, herbicide, fungicide: all of these words incite horror in our crunchy-granola, nature-loving hearts. For good reason, many of...

Gleaning New Information

Gleaning with Hannah Baxter at Pitchfork Farm Marjorie: 7/8/2021 Last week, we tried our hand at “gleaning” with Hannah Baxter, the...

What WOOD You do?

by libby, June 28 2021 One of the most enlightening parts of this internship is learning about the ins and outs of the struggles and...

Strawberry Japanese Knotweed Crumble

Yesterday we made a Strawberry Japanese Knotweed Crumble. Knotweed has a similar taste to rhubarb—a lovely combination of bitter, sour,...

6/30/21: Spiny softshell release

Today we helped release baby spiny softshell turtles at North Hero State Park. The Echo Leahy Center for Lake Champlain and VT Fish and...

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